Information About My Role in the Psychotherapeutic Process

I take my role as a psychotherapist very seriously.  My training in various modalities has exposed me to many ways of working.  We now know that one prescription does not fit all.  I see my role in your process as a facilitator of sorts, utilizing my diverse training and continuing education.

It is important for you to feel you can say everything in therapy. I am open to exploring any concerns and discussing what you are looking for. If we are not a good match, I can help you find other treatment options.

Information about Insurance

I am an accepted psychotherapist by all health insurance carriers as an OUT OF NETWORK Provider.  I do not currently participate in any IN NETWORK insurance plans.

It is recommended that you contact your provider to determine your out-of-network benefits, should you wish to be reimbursed by your carrier.

Information about Confidentiality

Your records will never be shared with anyone at any time without your written directive. Confidentiality is of utmost importance to the work we do together.


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